Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pearl Harbor Day and the News

I have a mental picture of two dogs and a car. The car is labeled Congress. It is moving quickly and being driven by George W Bush. One dog (labeled Democrat) has his teeth embedded in the bumper and is being dragged. The other dog (labeled Republican) is running along side the car asking the one being dragged..... "Now that you caught it, what are you going to do with it?".

Man this week is moving fast. I'm a news junkie alright. But this week I really haven't had time to go thru the events of the day. But some have potential to impact us in a very real way.

Take the Iraq Study Group for example. Looks like a middle of the road solution to me. Realistically that's about all you can expect from a blue ribbon panel. It allows them to not be controversial and yet still look pious and say that they tried.

Then there is taxes. "Tax breaks affecting millions" are being pushed through the lame duck congress. This has the potential to realistically help Mr. and Mrs. Middle Class USA. It's not as good as the Fairtax would be if enacted. Hope the Democrats get it done. But realists recognise that the odds are slim even if says that now is the best time ever.

One thing that gets me is how people like this are allowed to live in our society. I mean, really, how can you possibly rehabilitate someone who commits acts like these. Realistically I think that we should look hard at our judicial system. I would support not locking up anyone who was nonviolent except for exceptional circumstances like the Enron scams. Prison should be for the violent only. But, being honest with myself, I don't see it ever happening.

Fortuneately, to counter the scum in our society we do have heroes. My heart goes out to this family. While someones death is never a good thing, I hope they can take comfort knowing that he was actively trying to save them instead of passively waiting to see what fate had in store for them.

Speaking of heroes. I hope everyone took a moment to remember those that died in the treacherous attack at Pearl Harbor sixty-five years ago today. I am privileged to have an uncle who survived the attack. But everyday we lose another thousand or so members of the WWII generation. Pearl Harbor is now far enough in history that someone born during the attack can now retire and collect social security. Be sure to thank them if you get a chance.

But in the most unusual story today, there is a man in Houston who is threatening to race pigs next to a mosque if it is built in his neighborhood. I don't know if the sentiment is right or wrong. And realistically speaking, it likely won't change a thing. But you have to give credit for an unusual stand.


  1. Phil,
    By the tenor of you blog and the links you have posted, I'd guess you were in Texas. Possibly Lubbock. I'm a fellow West Texan, in Odessa/Midland and have been prostletizing HR25/S25 for several years now. It's good to find like minds in my neck of the desert.


  2. Hey Kevin,
    Yep, hangin my hat here in Lubbock. I wasn't trying to be that obvious, but, wasn't hiding either. I've passed thru the Midland Odessa area a couple of times. Like you said, Good to find like minds.