Sunday, December 17, 2006

Weekend Life

What a weekend. We closed on the house putting us massively into debt. But it is my debt. Christmas shopping is in full swing. I got a new cell phone and it's more complicated than my computer. Only kidding on that last one. And then.....

I called to talk to my folks. I should really do that more often. They were thrilled about the house and immediatly planned a visit.

My oldest daughter graduated from college with a degree in biology and one of my favorite neices got married. It will kind of make you feel old sometimes but good at others. Since I remember each girl as an infant I felt the age thing coming on. But each girl is great in so many ways. So, I am happy for both of them.

No links this time. I am trying to learn a way to parse the blog so that folks can read what interests them. None of us are one dimensional. So I hope to make a blog that everyone can find a reason to check out. You may hate my politics, but hopefully the section on Computers will allow us to find common ground.

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