Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Bits and Pieces

Today’s news is awesome. The Space Shuttle launched again. That is so awesome. I am an avid space fan from way back. I remember sitting in front of my dads black and white TV set as a kid watching the first moon landing. I was so convinced that someday I would be an Astronaut.

It really annoys me that we are not out and about in the solar system and all that. But I also love the space program for all the great things it has done that are down to earth. Those things have really helped change our quality of life for the better. I hope that our politicians understand that and continue to fund the greatest explorations that are yet to come. Another spinoff of space technology is solar energy. I don’t honestly think that solar will replace oil as the enegery fuel of choice because of political, industrial, and infrastructure reasons. But it has a promising future (along with wind turbines) as a local alternative. Check out Scientific American for the newest breakthru.

And speaking of fuel, Autopia has a short piece on the newest and cleanest diesel fuel. This is important to Mr. and Mrs. Middle Class USA because I cannot think of a single item you can buy that doesn’t get hauled by a diesel powered eighteen wheeler at some time. The price of diesel fuel directly effects how much you pay at Wal Mart, K-Mart, and the corner Town & Country. So in the long run this will be great news for the environment, and eventually, you and I. Too bad there aren’t more diesel powered choices for the average driver.

Well Don Rumsfeld is out. I really liked the guy but I had to disagree with his execution of the war in Iraq. I do think that his final trip to Iraq showed a lot of class. He led from the front and made it a point to recognize the hard work and dedication being shown by all of our service members and their families. Mr. Gates has some big shoes to fill.

Lest you think the elections are over, here’s a bit from the great state of Louisiana. Representative William Jefferson wins despite an ongoing bribery investigation. Philosophically I would expect our statesmen to adhere closely to the highest standards of morality and ethical conduct. Logically, you would think that voters wouldn’t even consider electing someone that isn’t truly an outstanding citizen. But the reality is that politics doesn’t adhere to either philosophy or logic. Just ask Marion Barry.

Of course no Sunday news bits would be complete without a sense of humor. Check out the Not Quite Sunday Funnies. Enjoy yourself and have a great day.

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