Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Silent Thunder and Lame Ducks

Well it looks like it'll be business as usual on Capitol Hill. The outgoing Congress is working overtime at last second stuff and the incoming Democrats are already backing away from the fighting words that put them in office...

It's sad really. I was hoping against hope that they (the Dems) would be bold and decisive. I was hoping that they would rock the establishment. I was looking for Newt and the immediate action plan. Instead it looks like they are on track to lose in 2008 even though they won't admit it. It's too bad really. If they implemented a few of the things I already covered they would stand a chance.

Then there is the continuing saga of Plamegate. Personally, I don't care about it except that the leaker needs to be prosecuted as a matter of course. Basically, I still don't know what actual measurable damage has been done, and no one can tell me how it hits the average Mr and Mrs McUSA.

Right now, the suddenly revived Democrats are trying to find some form of unity. They are looking at folks like Hillary Clinton in 08, then there is Dennis Kucinich (Not really a Democrat but a "Independent Progressive"), and of course Barack Obama.

So, you and I are looking for Congress to set an example, solve problems, and be LEADERS the USA. What we are likely to get are two years of soundbytes for the 08 contenders. What we are going to get is a Congress that talked tough and will now wimp out in order to place any possible blame on the GOP. Much as I thought she was a raving lunatic (where race and the Capitol Police are concerned) at least outgoing Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney made a defiant parting shot in her introduction of an impeachment bill. The Honorable Mrs. Pelosi (a vociferous critic of the President) has said that impeachment is off the table. Not even (formally) one business day into her new job and she is ticking off the left.

It's going to be an interesting first year.

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