Tuesday, December 26, 2006

News on the Day after Christmas

On the first day after Christmas, My true love and I had a fight. And with a single cartridge, I shot the blasted partridge..... And in other news...

According to CNN, the waste and outright fraud associated with Katrina Aid will top two billion. That's a capital B and a lot of zeros. This is a classic "damned if you do or don't situation". CNN reports that a major cause of the wastage is no-bid contracts. Seems to me that if they went thru the loooooong process of normal procurment channels that folks would scream about "inaction". So, anyway, if you don't like reading obviously biased news don't click this link.

Over the weekend, including today, several prominent people who are relevent to realists the world over did. James, "The Godfather of Soul, Brown passed away on Christmas morning. Great entertainer, marginal human being, but watch as time goes by and he will be a folk hero. Saddam Hussein lost his appeal and is supposed to join his fellow despots in hell within thirty days. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Too bad the woodchippers are already being outsourced.

Now if you just happen to be a college student you will recognized the name Stafford. Former Senator Robert Stafford, as in Stafford Loan, passed away. Yet he won't be a folk hero.

But my personal favorite story of the day comes from Fox and talks about how the .gov is requireing auto manufacturors to tighten up the fuel economy again. I won't ruin the story, but it is an example of a great idea that features a twist that will put the screws to the USA. From the standpoint of Mr. and Mrs. McUSA you can look for higher prices on new domestics vehicles. Why? Because the twist in the law allows "credits" previously earn by the Japanese to be applied now. Read about it here.

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