Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ambulance Chasing...

I sent a nasty letter to the Mayor/City Counsel and to a local radio personality. Ever since I can remember, the rule has been to pull over and get the hell out of the way when you see the EMS or Cops flashing lights...

Well day before yesterday I am on my way down the road at 4pm with the usual end of the day traffic. An ambulance was sitting in the outbound side of McDonalds trying to make a left. No luck. So he turns on his lights. Traffic comes to a halt and he pulls out. Once he's in a lane, off go the lights. We passed him up as he is destroying a hamburger and his partner some fries. We put the EMS folks and Cops on a pedestal along with the military. Whenever one of them steps out of line or does something wrong like this guy, it makes em all look bad. Enough people witness enough of these, and there won't be any more folks giving up the right away.

Man what a week. Busy at work, busy at home, too busy to just sit and browse the news. We bought the house and are now packing so we can begin moving saturday with the big ol truck at the ready it's "here we go again". In the service we moved every three or four years. So we got good at it. But it doesn't get any more fun. Of course they can't get all the amenities hooked up in a day or so. There will be an internet outage for starters. So by the time we are up and going again I will be jonesing real hard.

And to top it off..... It's tax season. Stay tuned, I'll rant on that really soon.

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