Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

We get one free weekend to move, and what happens? A mild winter storm shows up...

and we are driving in it. Four people, one truck, and twenty miles of slick highway. Already an adventure. We saw eighteen wheelers straddling the road and four wheelers in the ditch. By me and my budget rent a truck are cruising at 20 mph. Then Sears calls and says that they won't be delivering my new refrigerator thanks to the weather.

Well, we got it done after about nine hours of freezing our ass off. Home sweet home. But, it'll be another week before we can really live there. No phone, no Internet, no TV, all thanks to the weather.

And to top it off, I gotta send out change of address cards.

Moving sucks, unless you are pretty sure it's the last time.

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