Monday, January 08, 2007

Football and the 100 Hours

How many Mondays will the new Congress take off? This time it's a football game. Next time it could be something important, like March Madness.
But I digress. How does the fabled first hundred hours pan out to the McUSA family?

So far, Democrats are consolidating a position about supporting a surge effort in Iraq. This may save lives in the short term. But how about two years from now when the Iraqi's are still fighting criminal gangs and homegrown militias as they say "My Allah can whip your Allah"? The reality dose is that unless and until a withdrawal order is given, Congress doesn't dare not fund the troops. Bad PR and doom for 08.

The Honorable Mrs. Pelosi can waffle all she wants about the first one-hundred hours of Congress. But the reality is that only on bill has been voted on. That would be the adoption of rules. However, that doesn't mean that some things haven't happened.

My Rep, Randy Neugebauer, wrote in Randy's Roundup dated 1/8/07 that "Yet, we are only one week into 2007, and an important defense against tax hikes has already been removed by the new majority. Since 1995, a super-majority (60 percent) has been required to approve any measure that increases taxes. However, last week the Democrats instituted a rule essentially requiring a mere simple majority to pass tax increases. Through income and other taxes, the government already gets its hand into taxpayers' wallets too much. By pushing this rule to the side, it is now even easier for the federal government to increase the tax burden on many Americans, which I oppose." I personally think that the thing to do is to scrap the tax code and the political maneuvering involved. Go for the FairTax. In fact, write your elected officials and push for HR 25 to be put to a vote. When you click on his site you will note that today's roundup may not be posted yet. The reason I am giving his site is to encourage all readers to be in close contact with thier elected officials.

Why do I talk taxes so much on this blog? First of all is there anyone who can claim to know everything about every rule? Nope. Next, if you have the power to literally pick and choose who gets taxed and how: Will it corrupt the process? Yep. Finally, the reality is that you deserve to keep the money you earn instead of giving an interest free loan to Uncle Sugar.

So far not much that has been talked about will get down to the McUSA family. But, with the wide range of promises made.... watch your backs and your (pocket) books.

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