Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Y2K+7 Politics

Here it is, the third day of the new year and we are about to get political. But, does it matter and should the McUSA's even care? Let's see....

Democrats intend to raise the minimum wage and are talking ethics reform. In fact, today they (the ethics reformers) were upstaged by war protesters. Neither of these issues will impact the McUSA's. Why? Because a higher minimum wage will simply be passed on to consumers. So the cost of a happy meal will go up, and the guy who says "you want to supersize that?" has no further incentive to improve himself. And as to ethics reform in congress..... a contradiction in terms worthy of Jumbo Shrimp or Efficient Bureaucracy.

If you really want to get the inbound Dems to make a difference and be worthy of the national temper tantrum that happened in November do this: Ask them if they are going to support the Presidents vision of a balanced budget within five years with Iraq factored in. Ask em if they are going to untangle the tax code. Those two things can be realistically be done without emasculating themselves and could help them on the road to 08.

Instead I think the reality is business as usual. The new majority will shove bill after bill down the throat of the new minority in an orgy of self congratulation. Just like the Republicans did in the Newt Era. Nothing (yawn) new here

On the lead in page I show a link to Pratt on Texas. On today's show he discussed a truism of politics that has a very real basis if you prefer to deal in reality. If you want Local Control, you must use Local Money. So if you wish to shrink the Federal influence in your lives, you will need to remove the federal moneys. You cannot scream about wanting to be in charge at the State/City Level then hold your hand out for Uncle Sams money.

I found out folks were clicking out before reading the whole story. But reality requires honesty. So the sources for most (if not all) the info above are listed here. Democrats Tackle Ethics First Bush tells Congress what he'd like House Dem: Defense obligations will impede balanced budget Pelosi Pledges to Give Americans a Raise Don’t just assume Democrats’ takeover means higher taxes Pratt on Texas

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